About the Renew America Roadtrip™ (RAR)


The Renew America Roadtrip™ (RAR) made history in July of 2009 when it completed America’s first volunteer, green, charity drive coast-to-coast in an all-electric sports car - a Tesla Motor's Roadster.  (See a video below from our launch of the Driving America Green campaign from NYC)

RAR continues to raise money for charities and awareness of renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices through an on-going series of educational/advocacy campaigns and appearances throughout the country.

In late March/early April of 2010, RAR completed the Driving the Northeast Green campaign from Boston to Philadelphia and on Earth Day, 2010, RAR celebrated the EPA's 50th Anniversary with them in Boston.  In 2011, RAR supported numerous events in the Mid-Atlantic Region, including Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's Focus Forward on Green at the Great Frederick Fair, and in the Fall of 2012, RAR organized the Sierra Club's National Plug-In Day event at the Franklin Institute and completed the Driving Government Green Mid-Atlantic capitol tour. (See more on completed and upcoming campaigns here or consider sponsoring us).

Assisting with Green Adoption

The RAR team also goes beyond merely evangelizing renewable energy. Through our Renew America Energy (RAE) affiliate, we provide investment, education and consulting services to entities interested in adopting green technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, and electric transport; and we act as a trusted liaison between these potential adopters and best-in-class providers and installers. (To find out more about RAE services, send us an inquiry here specifying your interest area, e.g., solar assessment)

Renew America Roadtrip on the Green Show (July, 2009)



The Tesla Motor’s Roadster, a $130k+ zero-emission, all-electric luxury sports car is unique enough with only about 2500 ever made, but the Renew America Roadster (known by some as the “RAR’dster”) has become iconic as America’s Greenest Sports Car following its pioneering cross-country trip.  For six months following that drive, the RAR’dster had been on display as part of the Going Green exhibit at the California Auto Museum in Sacramento, but in March of 2010 it took to the road again to continue its mission of educating the public about renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly technologies. 

Did you know?

The "Renew America Roadtrip" name and mission were inspired by President O'bama's "Renew America Together" initiative - a call to community service and stewardship.  Through its volunteer initiative, RAR hopes to motivate others by example to “get out there and make a difference.” 

Street Cred

"The Renew America Roadtrip flies in the face of the ‘impractical’ sticker that has for some long been illegitimately slapped onto the electric car.  By driving across the United States in an unmodified PRODUCTION electric vehicle, the RAR team in a very tangible, visible, and undeniable way addresses the myths and propaganda that have been used to ‘Kill the Electric Car’ in the past." - RAR supporter


The continuing RAR Mission

Check out this RAR video from the NESEA 2010 show courtesy of Green Lens Media.

NESEA 2010, The Tesla Roadster, Renew America Roadtrip from Green Lens Media, LLC on Vimeo.


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More Videos

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Other Stuff

Solar - While it is significantly cheaper to pay for electricity for your EV than it is to pay for gas for your ICE car given a typical commute, powering your EV from a renewable energy source like solar is a great way to further reduce your carbon footprint and save even more money.  The RARdster is fully charged by solar energy from an ASI-installed solar array that generates enough energy to refill its 56kWh battery weekly, power all the lights and appliances in its headquarters, and still have energy left over to feed to the grid.  RAR works with Renew America Energy to help homeowners assess what renewable energy options may meet their needs, whether they are still on dinosaur fuels or need to size their system to eliminate their EV communting electric costs completely.  An extremely economical solution available today is the combination of a Nissan Leaf and a solar array to power it.  We are expecting our Leaf in September of this year.

Pre-EV/Solar - While we wait for our EV of choice to be available, there are other things we can do to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help the environment.  These include converting to more efficient appliances, changing out your lightbulbs for the extremely efficient LED or plasma lighting, installing additional insulation or thermal windows, swapping out dated HVAC for geothermal, alternative fuels, and believe it or not, even proper inflation and proper choice of tires on a vehicle can increase efficiency by up to 20%.  Michelin, in particular has an aggressive program to increase truck and passenger vehicle efficiency using low roll resistance technology and has a strong committment to environmental stewardship.  They also have an adorable green corporate icon.  Goodyear is another company with a committment to energy efficient tires and the environment.  They supply the ultra low rolling resistance Assurance Fuel Max tires that are used on the Prius and also selected for the Chevy Volt and Cruze Eco.  You can get find a large selection of Goodyear tires at Discount Tires and choose the most energy efficient one for your car or truck.  The RAR'dster, by the way, uses a tire that combines low rolling resistance with outstanding grip and handling performance, the ultra-high-performance Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD07™ LS. 

Other EVs - The Roadster is just a recent pioneer in the electric vehicle space.  Following their reintroduction of EVs to the market in late 2008/2009, we now have many options for zero emission transport from players such as Ford, GM, Mitsubishi, Coda, and one of my favorites (particularly since they were a major supporter of the Roadtrip), Nissan.  Shown here is the 2011 "World Car of the Year" award-winning Nissan Leaf in one of my favorite videos:

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