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Per Event and Annual Co-Sponsorship Opportunities:  RAR offers a limited number of support, event and “logo” level sponsorship opportunities for its upcoming campaigns and events, providing single city coverage and regional coverage in the Greater Philadelphia Region (including parts of NJ, MD, DE and WV) as outlined in the table below:













Logo Included?




*Also ask about how to qualify for our special "Jadeite" contributer level with a sponsorship of at least $5000 annually, or how you may contribute to RAR via tax-deductible donation under 501(c)(3).

Co-Sponsorship Benefits:  Being a co-sponsor of a RAR event or campaign comes with a number of benefits including:

  • Logo privileges on the RAR'dster (greener levels and above)
  • Co-branding opportunities with RAR, our other sponsors and partners, and our charities
  • Joint press release opportunities
  • Coordinated event planning
  • Coordinated press conferences involving support and cross promotion from select RAR team members
  • Promotion via RAR and affiliated web properties and social media networks
  • Many other possibilities open for discussion
  • Free (in many cases) entry into events that RAR organizes such as National Drive Electric Week Devon with over 200 attendees

Summary:  We are doing our part by taking our time to plan and execute these events for charity and the environment.  The RAR’dster and the RAR team can bring a bit of excitement and fun to any green corporate event or promotional / charity drive.  We hope you will consider making a modest contribution to RAR to help us continue to drive these missions of energy-change advocacy, evangelism, and charity.  

- Michael L. Craner, Co-founder, Renew America Roadtrip – “Driving America Green!”

For more information, contact Michael via phone at 215-874-7182 or via email at Michael@renewamericaroadtrip.com


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You can now SPONSOR RAR Annually or Pay individual event exhibitor Fees.

RAR annual logo sponsorship includes most exhibitor fees (e.g., an if you pay an Annual RAR logo level sponsorship, there will be no additional NDEW2015 exhibitor fees)

RAR Annual Sponsorship:

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To Pay Just NDEW15 Exhibitor Fees, use the drop down below:

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