Team Members:



Michael L. Craner, MSEE, co-founder

Michael is a technology executive and registered patent agent with over 25 years experience in cutting-edge systems development, integration, deployment, and management; and over 10 years experience in licensing and intellectual property development/analysis/assertion/protection.

His background spans concept-to-revenue with a broad range of products: from advanced telecommunications and military systems, to high-volume consumer multimedia and CATV digital appliances. He is a prolific inventor with over 40 filed applications in his name and an experienced patent agent with over 50 applications drafted and/or prosecuted.

Michael is also an EV and renewable energy advocate and investor.


Dr. Madushini G. Craner, co-founder

Madushini is presently a resident physician in Family Practice in Pennsylvania. Prior to medical school, Maddy worked as a cancer researcher at the renowned Fels Institute in Philadelphia.  She holds a bachelor of science degree in biology with a minor in psychology which she achieved with honors in under 3 years from Temple University.

She is active with charitable initiatives, having volunteered her time in support of various causes including the hurricane Katrina relief drive, 
Red Cross blood drives, and Bone Marrow drives. As a Sri Lankan native, she also served as a volunteer at ground zero in the aftermath of the tsunami of 2004. She was also involved in the, “Little Pearls of Sri Lanka” project that sought support for children of Sri Lanka that have been orphaned as a result of the 26-year war on terror that recently ended in her country.

Following completion of her residency, she plans to volunteer at Doctors Without Borders. Her long-term goals include working in a global healthcare organization such as CARE and contributing to international healthcare reform.


Michael Thwaite, Technologist and EV Enthusiast


Grounded in technology, Michael’s background spans telecommunications to early adoption of desktop and mobile computing and software development to social networking.

Michael has spent 15 years in financial transaction systems’ design working in Europe for top-tier banks and in the US for start-up-to-market leader, Deloitte Fast-50, Foreign Exchange Margin Trading institution GAIN | Capital /, and is now providing technology counsel to the marketing team.

Michael has recently become a fully paid up volt-head trading BHP for MPG and gasoline for volts supporting TeslaMotorsClub.


Barry McConachie, BSEE


Barry is CEO, Global Climate Strategies, global developer of green-house-gas reduction projects.

For over 15 years, Barry has been a successful technology entrepreneur in Texas and has led businesses from early stage startup through entrepreneur in Texas and has led businesses from early stage startup, through acquisitions and mergers with large public corporations. Active in education efforts, including board membership with Texas non-profit foundations.

Barry has over 18 years experience in telecommunications including wireless, video-on-demand and converged data and voice systems He graduated with honors from demand, and converged data and voice systems.

He graduated with honors from Devry University in Phoenix with a degree in Electronics Engineering and has managed engineering and technical support teams at MCI Telecommunications and DSC Communications.

He was founder and CEO of Multimedia Development Corp (MMD) a leader in data provisioning systems and voice soft-switching MMD Corp (MMD), a leader in data provisioning systems and voice soft switching. MMD customers include MCI Telecommunications, Worldcom, Tecnet (Vartec) & Samsung.


David Hammes, Renewable technology consultant

David is a renewable energy professional trained in solar and the US GBC’s LEED E.B. program.  Certified Green Advantage practitioner, and founding member of the Green Net network of sustainable buildings products & service providers. Member of the American Solar Energy Society, nat’l & mid-atlantic Solar Energy Industry Associations, Philadelphia Solar Energy Association, and US GBC committee member for Solar PV America convention ‘09. 
David is a business management and development exec with extensive experience in sales, marketing, and advertising renewable energy concerns. He has served on various boards for tech start-ups and recently founded the environmental humanitarian organization “Energy Without Borders,” a group focused on using renewable energy tech worldwide to fight poverty, global warming protect national security and build sustainable livelihoods and environments in developing communities. His projects include solar-powered pumping of water to remote villages in various places such as Bali, and support for other NGOs with like-minded causes.

JoAnn Craner,  – Marketing Coordinator / Agreements

  JoAnn is a senior marketer, innovator, and tree-hugger.  She has over 25 years experience in strategic marketing and premium brand development for a broad range of consumer  populations including innovators and early adopters, and has directed national print, radio, and television advertising campaigns. 
JoAnn has also performed oversight of national and regional public relations campaigns and management of international supplier relationships. She is an international traveler and organic / eco-enthusiast. She lives in Manhattan with her three cats.

Fred Allegrezza, BSEE, EV enthusiast

Founder, CEO, and angel investor of multiple successful startup companies.  President and Founder of SunPrime Energy, a solar PV system integrator and installer based in Chalfont, PA. 30 years experience in executive, technology, management and business development in the computer technology sector. Co-founder and CEO of Vertasent, a pioneer in switched-digital video. Founder (1997) Vivid Technology, a successful VOD company.  Prior investor / advisory board member for Everstream, a targeted advertising technology company.  Also investor and Director for OpGate, a developer of telepresence technology.  Former executive with Motorola leading development of Interactive Cable Television Systems

Tony Agnello

  Tony has 35 years of experience as an engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and executive. He obtained a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from City College of the City University of New York in 1971. In 1973, he received a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from CCNY. 

From 1972 to 1982, he worked at Eventide Inc where he developed pioneering products in the field of digital audio. While at Eventide Mr. Agnello invented the world’s first practical audio pitch change device, the Harmonizer. 

In 1982, he co-founded Ariel Corp where he led development of digital signal processing products for a wide range of applications from medical imaging to speech processing to defense. Mr. Agnello served as CEO and COB of Ariel from its inception through its IPO in 1995. Mr. Agnello stepped down as CEO in 1998. 

In August 2001, Mr. Agnello founded Princeton Digital, LLC and, in February 2002, co-founded mh acoustics, LLC. Mr. Agnello presently serves as Vice Chairman of Eventide, Inc. Mr. Agnello holds several patents, has published numerous articles and technical papers, and has served on boards of public and private companies.