Michael test drives the Tesla Roadster

Michael tests drives the Tesla roadster in preparation for the Renew America Roadtrip scheduled for July 15-31, 2009


Madushini describes her first impressions of the Tesla Roadster

Maddy describes her first impressions of the Tesla Roadster on a trip to Virginia to get a feel for the car before using it in America's first cross country trip in a production electric vehicle to raise awareness of the practicality of EVs, raise consciousness regarding the environment, and raise money for charity. Scheduled for mid-summer '09, for more info email


Fred, core team member of the Renew America Roadtrip project tries on the Tesla Roadster for size

Fred gets his chance to evaluate the Roadster at the test drive in Herndon Virginia in April '09. It certainly does wonders for his image, and is it me or does he look at least 10 years younger surrounded by all that shiny red metal and chic electronics?


Renew America Roadtrip is launched

The Nations first green charity drive cross-country in an all-electric production vehicle for charity and the environment Organized by Michael L. Craner

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