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Pioneering electric-vehicle cross-country driver to visit California Auto Museum

Sacramento, CA – This Tuesday afternoon, October 20, 2009, Michael Craner, co-founder of the Renew America Roadtrip (RAR) project, will be on-hand at the California Auto Museum’s Going Green exhibit to meet and greet visitors, discuss America’s first green, charity drive cross country in an-all electric vehicle, autograph official RAR merchandise and talk about the upcoming charity auction of the car that made it all possible - RAR’s gorgeous white Tesla Motor’s Roadster (the “RAR’dster”).


Owner and co-driver of the RAR’dster, the first production all-electric sportscar to cross America under its own power, Mr. Craner will also be presenting some rare roadtrip-related footage and discussing preliminary plans for a new national solar initiative.


The RAR’dster is a two-seat, convertible, zero-emission, pure-electric, high-performance luxury sportscar with an uncompromising 0-60 of 3.9 secs, top speed of 125 mph, 244 mile range per charge, and energy-sipping 125 mpg equivalent efficiency.  Loaned to the museum following completion of the cross-country trip, the RAR’dster has been on display since September 04, 2009 as part of CAM’s permanent Going Green exhibit.


“The RAR’dster has been a welcome addition to our Going Green exhibit and an excellent modern-day compliment to our other classic alternative-fuel vehicles.  The multimedia presentation that accompanies the RAR’dster exhibit is synergistic with our mission of educating and entertaining the public about the automobile and its place in our lives and we are excited to have Mr. Craner make a personal appearance to further this mission,” notes Amanda Moss, Curator for the museum.

“The folks at CAM have done an excellent job of utilizing the RAR’dster to continue to reach visitors with the RAR message that each of us can make a difference and if we want to see a better future for ourselves and our children, we need to get up, get out there, and do something!  I am happy to take some time try to reach out to anyone that is willing to listen to the story of what we did, what others are doing, and what they themselves can do.  The key is to find a niche and help.  And honestly, I miss the little RAR’dster, so the staff better watch me and make sure I don’t just jump in and drive it back to Pennsylvania with me!”

 About the Renew America Roadtrip™ - The Renew America Roadtrip™ is “America’s first green charity drive coast-to-coast in a production all-electric sportscar.” It was a media event designed to help raise awareness of renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly (RSE) initiatives and raise money for charities. More info:

About the California Automobile Museum - The California Automobile Museum, formerly the Towe Auto Museum, is a spacious 72,000 square foot Museum, home to over 150 vehicles of various makes and models, ranging from the early 1900s to alternative power vehicles and uniquely displayed chronologically among exhibits befitting the times and changes of the automobile. A knowledgeable docent staff provides visitors with guided tours through exhibits that recreate the love affair we have with automobiles and momentum. Exhibits also provide historical information about the automotive industry. The Museum’s mission is to educate and entertain while preserving and promoting the automobile and its influence on our lives.


7/31 - RAR'dster resting at the Menlo Park Store after completing long coast-to-coast drive

The Roadtrip is complete, but you may still get a chance to see the RAR'dster that made it coast-to-coast if you visit the Menlo Park Store.

The RAR'dster will be at the store during the course of its upcoming charity auction which should start Monday.

Keep watching the site here as we catch up on posts of photos from our trip and blogs of interest!


FOX 5 Las Vegas features RAR


7/29 – Universal Sheraton meet up

Noon-2pm the RAR caravan will be stopping at the Universal Sheraton, 333 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City. All EVs welcome to meet up & join a "conga-line"!

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